Haba na haba Programmes

Community Development Project:- Wamba, Samburu Education and Training for Re-usable Sanitary Towels Mentorship for Youth Group Support for a student to attend Secondary School

Sanity Towel Project

The re-usable sanitary towel project endeavours to provide education and training to communities in Nairobi and Regional areas in order that they can provide the needs for menstruating women and girls at an affordable price, with a sustainable product.

Re-usable Sanitary Towel

Teaches the community how to make the Sanity Towel. provides financial literacy training to establish micro-businesses partners with donors to provide re-usable sanitary towels to girls in schools provides sexual health education to girls and boys engages in mentorship and training provides training for sexual health workers and mentors

Sexual Health Training

This program is designed to train people who are interested in working in the Sanity Towel Project. Whilst still under development, the program will include education in all areas of Sexual Health for both girls and boys and the wider community. Sensitisation to working with marginalised communities and cultural awareness, working with an open mind whilst remaining non judgemental.

Mentorship Skills

Training mentors who can engage with youth in meaningful ways. A well trained mentor will have the resources to provide the mentee with skills and support when required to help them develop to be the best they can be. The curriculum will be delivered using current international Teaching and Learning Practices. Assessment will be undertaken and a Certificate provided on successful completion.